Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved/volunteer? The NMP Parents Council is the group that ensures all of our various fundraisers and volunteer committees come together to support our school. This group of parents is here to serve our school, children, and fantastic teachers and administration. Contact Haley Eisenhart, 2024-2025 Parents Council Chair, if you are interested in learning more or want to volunteer. 

When can I sign up for Stay & Play? Stay & Play is a program designed to extend the day for 3, 4, and 5 year olds to develop their social skills with children outside of their classroom. Your child must be enrolled in at least a three year old class and be completely potty trained. The program is from 12:30 to 1:30, with carpool at 1:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday during the regular school year. The cost is $15.00 a day. Sign up for Stay & Play is completed online and opens in early August. 

When can I sign up for Early Birds? To accommodate parents’ busy schedules, we offer an 8:00 a.m. drop off for all enrolled NMP students. The program is from 8:00 – 9:00, Monday through Friday. The cost is $15.00 a day. Sign up for Early Birds is done online, by the semester, and will begin in early August. 

How do I get a carpool number? Carpool tags/numbers are distributed to all families at Meet & Greet

How does carpool work? You will receive detailed instructions for using PikMyKid, the mobile app we use for afternoon carpool (along with your carpool hangtag) as well as a map/instructions for drop-off/pick-up in early August.

If I am not carpooling with anyone, do I need a carpool number? Yes, every child must have a carpool number. 

When do I need to turn in my health and immunization forms? Parents will receive an email this summer with links to complete the health and immunization forms by July 31st. 

What if my child needs medication during the school day? Our school nurse can administer emergency medication including but not limited to epinephrine auto-injectors and rescue inhalers as needed. For any other medications that require regular administration at school, parents must complete both a Medical Authorization Form and an Action Plan complete with physician signature. All medications provided will be stored in the Nurse’s Nook in a locked cabinet free of moisture, food and drink, and maintained at room temperature. Parents can contact the nurses directly at

Do I really need the name of a dentist if my child has not been to one yet? Yes. You can use your dentist’s name if your child has not been seen by a dentist. 

Do I bring my child with me to Meet & Greet? Yes, this is an opportunity for you and your child to meet the teachers and the other children in the class. 

Is childcare provided for younger siblings during Meet & Greet? No

When do we find out what class our child will be in? Your child’s teachers will call you mid-August to introduce themselves.

Does my three year old need to be potty trained? Yes. All children enrolled in a 3 year old class must be completely independent with toileting (including wiping themselves) and hand washing skills. 

Does my child need a backpack? No. Each child will be given a color coded NMP book bag at Meet & Greet: turquoise (Toddlers); green (2s); blue (3s); red (4s); red backpack (5s). 

Do I pack a snack for my child to bring to school each day? This varies by class. Teachers will provide class specific instructions on monthly snack volunteer signups if needed.

Do I pack a lunch for my child to bring to school each day? Yes, each child will be responsible for bringing his or her own lunch each day. Teachers will provide specific instructions for providing reusable water bottles each day.

Is NMP a nut-free school? Yes, we strive to be a nut free preschool. This means we ask parents, children and staff to not bring foods that contain nuts (especially peanuts) to school.