Employment Opportunities

Preschool Teachers

We are currently accepting resumes for the 2022-2023 school year. If interested in applying, please email resume and references to Sarah Raymer at sarahr@northsideumc.org.

Teacher Job Description:

Hours: 8:30-1:00 pm or 2:00 pm as stipulated in the contract (additional hours to be specified for staff meetings, professional development, parent events)

Nature of Work: This is a professional position with the responsibilities for planning and implementing the day-to-day management of the classroom.  The teacher must strive to promote the vision and purpose of NMP.  Work is performed under the supervision of the Preschool Director.

Primary Responsibility: Take responsibility for the health, welfare and safety of each child

Minimum Requirements: Applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The field of education is preferred. Willing to follow school protocols for Covid-19.

Illustrative Tasks:         


  •  Report 9 months and pre and post planning
  • Attendance is required for:
    • Faculty orientation
    • Pre- and post-planning
    • Staff Meetings
    • Team meetings
    • All school-wide extra-curricular events
  • Notify Director of absences
  • Keep information current in the personnel file
  • Maintain current CPR certification and First Aid training
  • Adhere to all responsibilities in the Employee Handbook

Curriculum and Students

  •  Classroom Organization – Plan and implement classroom floor plan, including learning centers and organization of materials to provide an optimum learning environment. This includes materials and learning areas that provide for activities ensuring the social, physical, emotional and academic development of children. Activity schedules, class lists, student allergies and emergency plans must be posted in the classroom.
  • Activities Planning – Create and implement daily and weekly lesson plans, and have plans ready for review at all times. Provide daily scheduling of developmentally appropriate activities in the areas of language arts, math, play and socialization. Include time daily to work with children individually, in small center-based groups and in large groups. Also, provide ample free choice time for children to select their own activities.  Lesson plans, calendars and newsletters should be completed by a Co-Teacher and turned in to the Director at the beginning of each month.
  • Behavior Management – Establish and maintain appropriate behavior management strategies and guidelines to encourage children to become more self-reliant and to relate to others in an appropriate manner. Provide positive teacher-child interactions. Model appropriate behavior, as well as language and communication skills. Utilize, if necessary, the Behavior Report form located in the Resource Room. 
  • Assessments and Records – Assess the academic, social and physical development of each child throughout the school year. Keep assessment records in a confidential file in the main office. The file should include anecdotal records, samples of the child’s work, accident and incident reports, and notes on parent conferences and communications. Conference Reports and Records should be filed in the permanent record at the end of the year.
  • Communications – Plan for and conduct conferences with parents at least twice a year.  Provide regular communication about classroom activities at least weekly through email, newsletters and calendars.  Create and submit articles, pictures and/or children’s art for the school newsletter on dates specified by the Communications Coordinator.  Maintain confidentiality about the performance and behavior of other children in the class when speaking to parents.  Complete Teacher Recommendation forms as requested by parents and submit all forms in a timely manner to the Director for review.
  • Carpool – Work carpool duty before and after school as assigned.
  • Safety – Participate in school-wide fire drills and tornado drill evacuation practices. Two teachers (front/back) must travel with the class at all times.  Two teachers must be with their class on the playground, in the gym, and at chapel.
  • Substitute Teachers – Prepare a substitute folder for your classroom

Staff Evaluation

  • New staff will be evaluated after 60 days
  • All teachers will be observed by the Director
  • All staff will have the opportunity for self-evaluation
  • All evaluations will be documented in writing and are confidential

Professional Development

  • Complete 14 approved classroom hours
  • Opportunities for obtaining staff development hours are as follows:
    • In-service training provided by the Director of the preschool
    • Professional conferences, early childhood workshops, seminars and observation at other schools
    • Approved community workshops or parent seminars
    • Summer reading assignments


  • Communicate to Director on a regular basis on all areas of interest, concern and progress
  • Maintain a commitment to professionalism by treating each child, colleague and parent with respect
  • Demonstrate an ability to work collaboratively as a member of a teaching team

Music Teacher

Summary: The music teacher at Northside Methodist Preschool (NMP) will develop, coordinate, and implement an effective, well rounded music curriculum for toddlers to 5-year-olds along with being responsible for planning and orchestrating two celebrations each year: the December Pre-K Christmas Music Program and the 3’s Spring Music Program.

Our Philosophy: We take a playful and active approach to teaching young children. Our music program encourages and promotes self-expression and social growth as well as a love for music.

Summary of Responsibilities: Introduce small groups of children, ages 3-5, to the world of music using songs, simple instruments, and a variety of instructional materials, resources, and experiences.


  • The hours for this position are 8:30-1:00 (4 days per week) or 2:00 pm as stipulated in the contract (additional hours to be specified for staff meetings, professional development, and parent events)
  • Prepare and conduct weekly music lessons for preschoolers, ages toddler to 5-year-olds
  • Design and implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum for each age level including appropriate vocabulary and activities
  • Sing a variety of songs and teach students how to sing as a group
  • Incorporate movement and simple dance with songs as appropriate
  • Adapt lessons to the children’s development throughout the school year
  • Write newsletters highlighting upcoming lessons and reviewing what has been learned in music class
  • Assist in leading the songs at weekly chapel services
  • Assist in the preparation of Pre-K students leading chapel once a month
  • Responsible for planning and orchestrating two celebrations each year: December Pre-K Christmas Music Program and the 3’s Spring Music Program.
  • Communicating regularly with classroom teachers about their students and how things are going in music, as well as communicating about the curriculum so that integration can take place if possible.

Other Duties:

  • Morning Carpool and Afternoon Carpool
  • Attend monthly staff meetings and a Fall Parent Night

Qualifications and Skills:

  • College degree required-Music background preferred
  • Experience teaching in an early childhood education setting
  • Pleasant and tuneful singing voice
  • Love of singing, music making and teaching
  • Must be personally engaging and friendly along with having a playful and energetic teaching style
  • Must feel comfortable and enjoy working with groups of children ages 18 months-5 years in a dynamic and positive way
  • Must be able to work independently
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Possess excellent classroom management skills,
  • Possess the ability to motivate students to learn
  • Willingness to collaborate with colleagues
  • Playing an instrument is a plus


Sarah Raymer



Substitute Teachers

We are always looking for qualified substitute teachers to join our team! If you are interested in joining our team as a substitute, please email resume and references to Catherine Inman at CatherineI@northsideumc.org.