Meet The Teachers

Alison Sapp

Amanda Freer

Amanda Smith

Angie Zogby

April Grigenas

Ashley Young

Audrey Fitzgerald

Carolyn Jones

Chris Testani

Daphne Gaudet

Dell Norman

Emory Herbert

Hollie Shaver

Jan Cruz

Jean Trammell

Jen Hurd

Justine Green

Kara Stewart

Katie Huffstutler

Kay Guinn

LaRanda Blalock

Laura Sumlin

Leslie Gilbeaux

Lisa Bell

Lisa Borden

Lucy Horlock

Madison Brizendine

Marie Stafford

Marisa Clarkson

Mary Claire Wickliffe

Melanie Marburger

Melissa Johnson

Michele McKinnis

Missie Frey

Molly Feinour

Nancy Sample

Naundi Briggs

Paige Hill

Parker Jones

Patty Layson

Rosemary Porter

Susan Wilby

Sarah Raymer

Sonja Russ

Susan Monroe

Valerie Thrasher




Beginning September 26, tours of the Preschool will be given on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00AM.




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